Pro Gym Serge Moreau
4500 Hochelaga
Montreal, Quebec


It all started back when I was twelve years old. My father introduced me to the iron game in our family basement. We went out and bought a Weider ''do it all multi station set'' and some free weights and I got pumping every evening after school. I don't know if it's because I started at be very beginning of puberty, when hormones start running wild, that I made some very decent progress in a short period of time. I remember kids in high school making comments on how wide my shoulders were back then.

I then got involved in other activities such as martial arts, skateboarding and snowboarding (which I did at a semi-pro level). The year I was planning to turn pro in snowboarding, I broke my left ankle twice in the same year, making my dreams of becoming a snowboard professional fade away. That's when I seriously got back to weight training as my main focus.

The first real gym I joined was Golds Gym in downtown Montreal. I was then working in a skateboard shop and one of my bosses had a membership there. He invited me to work out with him, and so I did. My main goal was to put on some size since my metabolism was so fast.

I made all the mistakes possible in the beginning, so I started to study the subject fervently. A few years later, after having a ton of people asking me for advice, I decided to turn it into a business and started my personal training business, Sculpture Physique, in 1992. Around 1996, I met coach Charles Poliquin, and his teachings got me years ahead of what everybody else was doing at the time.



  • 2012 CBBF Canadian Nationals, overall masters, IFBB Pro card

  • 2011 CBBF Canadian Nationals Elite, 3rd place LHW

  • 2010 CBBF Canadian Nationals, 2nd place LHW

  • 2009 CBBF Canadian Nationals, 2nd place LHW

  • 2008 CBBF Canadian Nationals, 3rd place LHW

  • 2006 FAME Muscle Pro World Champion, pairs division

  • 2006 Trainer Of The Year award recipient

  • 2005 FAME Muscle Pro World Champion

  • 2005 Trainer Of The Year award recipient

  • 2004 Musclemania World Championship, 7th place Pro Division

  • 2004 Musclemania Superbody, 2nd place Pro Division

  • 2004 FAME/Musclemania Canadian Overall Champion, Pro Card

  • 2003 Musclemania Canada Nationals, 3rd place middleweight

  • 2003 PNBA Natural Universe, 3rd place Pro Division

  • 2003 INBA Canadian Overall Champion, PNBA Pro Card

  • 2003 MVP Quest Champion

  • 2003 WNSO Eastern Canadian Overall Champion, Pro Card

  • 1997 FCPAQ Provincial Championship, 2nd place lightheavyweight

  • 1996 FCPAQ Mr. Montreal, 2nd place lightheavyweight

  • 1994 FCPAQ Vallée Du Richelieu Championship, Overall Champion

In the beginning of the 90's, we had a lot of bodybuilders training for competitions, and one of them was pushing me into entering the show he was preparing for saying I had good potential in maybe winning my class. Low and behold, with only 5 weeks of preparation, I got awarded the overall title and best poser award. I had just found my passion.

I took two years off to gain more size and fine tune my physique before entering the next one, which I placed second. I continued competing until 1998, then took 5 years off to concentrate on my growing business, and my family. After the birth of my two daughters, I got back in competition mode and decided to hit the stage again.

My comeback competition was the 2003 WNSO Eastern Canadian Championship, which I won the overall title and earned my first Pro card. One month later, I was back on stage at the Musclemania Canada Nationals and took third place, vowing to get my Musclemania Pro card the next year. Five weeks later I entered and won the first ever MVP Quest physique contest which offered cash prize and a one year sponsorship with MVP Nutrition.

The following week I took the INBA Canadian Overall title and earned my PNBA Pro card, qualifying me for the Natural Universe contest in Hollywood California later that year (which I took third place in the Pro division).

2004 had me win my Musclemania Pro card and one week later I was in Miami at my first Muclemania Pro show, Muclemania Superbody, which I took a surprising runner up spot. The next competition on the agenda was the Musclemania World Championship Pro division in Anaheim California. I pulled a muscle in my leg the evening before the show and placed 7th because of the inflammation that came because of the injury.

I have to say one of my best years ever was 2005. FAME/WNSO had their very first Pro World Championship and the winner would go down in history as being the very first FAME Muscle Pro World Champion. I trained my ass off and came up with a kick ass posing routine that involved me magically appearing out of an empty trunk and finishing off with a blast of confetti. The crowd went wild. I was now known as one of the most electrifying entertainers in bodybuilding. When the dust settled, I became the first ever FAME Pro World Champion. I was also awarded ''2005 Trainer of the Year'' for having the most athletes do well in competitions. I was awarded that title again in 2006.

After winning the Pro World Championship, Mr. Robert Kennedy decided to send me to Los Angeles for a photo shoot with Robert Reiff at Golds Gym Venice. This would be my second photo shoot at the famous Golds, as I had done one the year before with Irvin J. Gelb for Musclemag intl. This is when I knew I had made it. I was walking around shirtless and oiled up inside Golds Gym Venice, with the legendary Lou Ferrigno and all the other pros training right next to me. The photo shoot went so great that Mr. Kennedy offered me a three year exclusivity contract with his new magazine called Reps, and I got to grace the cover of the very first issue. A third photo shoot took place in Las Vegas with Robert Kennedy himself, along with ace photographer Terry Goodlad. In 2008, I got the privilege of being on the cover (and back cover) of Robert Kennedy's new Encyclopedia Of Bodybuilding.

I decided to try and get my IFBB pro card in 2008. Placing third, then second, and second again, I finally earned it in 2012, winning the overall masters at the CBBF Canadian Nationals. My childhood dream of becoming an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder finally came through.